The Lyons Group is situated at our newly built headquarters of the Lyons Group on Tarragona Road, Sea vista, St Francis Bay.  Built on 6000 square meters of land with 3350 under roof, the Lyons Park development has lifted the industrial area of town to a new level.

Vincent Lyons is the Sole Owner of Lyons group. With his passion and drive Vincent and the Lyons Team are like meeting a force of a nature.

Lyons Group exist of Construction, Plumbing, Glass & Aluminium, Kitchen Solutions, Gutters and Executive Marine Departments.  Lyons supply a variety of services in and outside the building industry.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by employing our own specialist ancillary trades people who have been selected on the strength of their exceptional finishes and are constantly monitored to ensure “Lyons” is referred by our customers as delivering a high-end construction solution. Furthermore, we offer a unique, transparent billing system. This system ensures you know at any given point that you are receiving the best value for money.

Lyons offer customers a high-end Project Management & Construction solution:

  • Turn key, we have our own architects, project managers and ancillary trades people who have comprehensive knowledge of the industry.
  • We take care of the detail, building your dream from conception to completion.
  • We specialise in varies fields:

  • Constructions – Modern High Quality Building.
  • Gutters – Seamless Aluminium Gutters, Manufactured on site with our own gutter specialist.
  • Plumbing
  • Glass & Aluminium – At your doorstep, custom make to your requirements, 15-year warrantee
  • Kitchen Solutions – At your doorstep, custom make to your requirements.
  • Electrical Division

  • Our project team is on hand to ensure the highest standard of workmanship and control ancillary trades to deliver a quality build within a guaranteed time frame.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of building solutions tailored to suit design, budget and time restraints.
  • Conventional brick and mortar.
  • By offering a range of SABS approved building solutions.

A keen supporter of community projects, passionate about the town and his staff, one wonders what drives Vincent Lyons.  The answer is simple “Satisfied and happy Customers.  Excellent customer service delivered on time to the expected quality and standard.”


To be recognised as the premier Construction Company in St Francis Bay. We are known for our fanatical concern for our customer’s needs, our impeccable management and operational excellence. We always guarantee the best prices for our customer’s, the utmost attention to detail and excellent workmanship. 


Our mission is to provide the best quality workmanship in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Embracing any and all challenges that comes our way. Embracing the needs of a changing industry. Committing to review and improve our operations continuously.

We offer/guarantee life time relationship with our customers

  • We will guarantee your roof for 5 years.
  • We are a NHBRC Registered Company.
  • Glass & Aluminium, 15 years’ Guarantee.
  • Standard guarantee is 3 years on new dwelling built.
  • We are proud to say that we engage with our customers for a lifetime and will always be ready to fix minor problems that might occur.
  • Turn Key Development
  • Safety & Security – We are proud to be one of the few companies in town complying with zero tolerance to full Health and Safety Rules and Regulations.


About Lyons Group