Our Construction Team takes Pride in setting the construction standard you deserve.   Our Highly Qualified Team are Ready and Eager to Supply you with everything that is related to construction of new buildings. To provide reconstructing, maintenance and renovations.

We provide you with up-to-date construction information. As an Independent Company, we are a Proud and a Keen supporter of community projects, passionate about construction. To be recognized as the premier Construction Company in St Francis Bay.

We are known for our fanatical concern for our customer’s needs, our impeccable management and operational excellence. We always guarantee the best prices for our customer’s, the utmost attention to detail and excellent workmanship.

We embrace any and all challenges that comes our way, also the needs of our changing industry.

We are committed to review and improve our operations continuously.

We Provide the Following Service:

  • Architectural Plans
  • Quotation + Acceptance
  • Site Establishment & Prepare site for Construction
  • Setting out of a New House
  • Lay Foundation for Building Site
  • Building of Floor Height Standard
  • Concrete Slab on Flooring Options
  • Building Walls with Quality Materials
  • Structure Exterior & Interior Walls
  • Slab for Double Storey Houses
  • Buildings Built from Top To bottom
  • Roof Building with Quality Materials
  • Plaster Internal & External Walls
  • In-house Doors and Window Supplies by our Glass & Aluminium Department
  • In-house Kitchen Solutions supply furniture to your specific requirements.
  • Professional In-House Tiling Services – We Outsource Laminate Flooring to our Qualified Vendors
  • In-house Plumbing Done through our Plumbing Department
  • In-house Painting Group through our Highly Skilled Painters
  • In-house Electrical Service through our Electrical Department
  • Gardening Planning
  • In-house Paving & Decking
  • In-house Pool Building and Supplies
  • In-house Jetty Building on Site & Canal Walls
  • Final House Inspections – After house complete